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Beauty Lighting

_G6K0681 Triflector Portrait Cropped

By employing a clam shell beauty lighting technique (main light over camera and another light or reflector from below), when executed properly produces a beautiful quality of light that is both flattering and minimizes retouching. The images from this session needed very little work in post production.

This  image was created using a 22″ beauty dish above the camera and a Wescott Triflector below the camera. A 48″ strip box above and behind the model along with another 48″ strip box behind and to camera left provided the rim light. Another light with a a 10″ round reflector illuminated the background. All lighting modifiers were powered by Norman LH2000 strobe heads. Canon 1Ds mk III, 85mm f/1.8 lens. 1/160 sec @ f/10, ISO 100. Triggered via Quantum radio slave.

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