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High Key Bottle Shot

Sutherland Distilling WhiteIn contrast to my last blog post, my customer wanted their product photographed on a high key background as well. The high key lighting set up was considerably easier than the low key version:  A Norman LH2000 head in a 12″ x 48″ strip box (vertical) directly behind the bottle, a Metz 60CT-4 in a 12′ x 12″ soft box to camera right and a silver card reflector to camera left as fill. Canon 1Ds mkIII, 135mm f/2.8 SF, 1/160 sec @ f/18, ISO 100. Triggered via Quantum radio slave.

The soft box behind the bottle served as my high key background, reflected onto the mirror under the bottle and back lit the product. By keeping the back edge of the mirror base close to the soft box front, the line between background and base was almost non-existent and easily removed in post production.

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