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High Tech Medicine


_MG_8894N Low Res

PPGBA Merit Award Winning Image – “High Tech Medicine” (24″ x 20″ Gloss). This image was created as a test shoot for Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA. to illustrate their remote medical diagnosis systems. The main light was provided by a modified (bare bulb/round reflector) Sunpak 622 fitted with a 30 degree grid spot. Another modified Sunpak 622 (bare bulb) provided a gentle fill light. A Metz CT-45 fitted with a grid spot produced the rim light to separate the subject from the background. Two Quantaray micro slaves with blue gels and a Sunpak 266 with a purple gel were placed behind the monitors along with a Vivitar 283 with a blue gel on the floor to light the background. Canon 1Ds mk III, 16-35 f/2.8L, triggered via Pocket Wizard and optical slaves. 1/160 sec at f/16, ISO 160.


_MG_8902 Before

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