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Lighting in Layers

_G6K0510 Laser ProjectionTo create the visual interest  and the depth that I desire in an image, I often will light in layers – putting the light just where I want the viewers attention.

In this particular image, I lit the technology (equipment in foreground) with a Quantum T5dr Qflash in a 12″x 12″ soft box (layer #1).  By keeping this light close to the technology and using the inverse square law, the light fell off fast with very little spill.

The subject (and part of the technology) was lit with a pair of Alien Bee 1600’s fitted with 12″x 36″ strip boxes on either side creating a sheet of light (layer #2).  Grids on these soft boxes and close proximity again prevented any recordable spill light from hitting the background.

At this point, firing just the strobes on these two layers still produced a black background.  This allowed for total control over how much of the background I wanted to be visible by the amount of light provided by the Alien Bee 1600 w/blue gel background light (layer #3).

The green laser projection was recorded on a separate time exposure and dropped in later in Photoshop.

A wide angle lens choice and alignment of the subject with the foreground and background ensured all of the lines in the image led toward the technology and the subject.

Canon 1Ds mkIII, 16-35mm f/2.8L, 1/160 sec @ f/8, ISO 100 – triggered via Pocket Wizard and optical slaves.


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