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Lighting in Tight Places

_G6K6499H Neutron Scatter GunPPGBA competition award winning print – “Circles of Confusion” was captured while on assignment at Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA.  The challenges of this project were shooting in a small space and confining the lights to their intended targets.  The cylinders were made of a shiny, brushed, silver metal alloy ready to display their specular highlights.

I started the lighting composition with an Alien Bee 1600 with barn doors and a blue gel – from below, illuminating upwards between the cylinders.  A Vivitar 283 with barn doors and a purple gel was boomed from above to add some highlights and tie into background which was lit with another Alien Bee 1600 with a matching purple gel.  Two more Alien Bee 1600’s with a grids and barn doors were positioned on both sides of the subject provided the rim lighting.  The final light was a hand held Vivitar 283 with barn doors that was focused light  just on the subjects face as not to contaminate or desaturate the rest of the colors in the image.

The 15mm fish eye lens choice was an obvious choice to produce the desired compositional distortion. By keeping the subject in the center of the image minimized the effects of the lens from from distorting his face.  Canon 1Ds mkIII, 15mm fish eye f/2.8L, 1/160 sec @ f/11, ISO 400. Triggered via Quantum radio and optical slaves.

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