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Overpowering the Sun

_MG_9909 Dan's Motorcycle

PPGBA Merit Award Competition Print – “Ready, Set, Gone” perhaps may not seem to be that difficult an image to create in my studio but I was curious whether I could do it in full sun. In order to create a black background outdoors, I employed a Photogenic 2500dr into a 60″ octobox (main light) and a Photogenic Powerlight  600 into a 16″ parabolic with barn doors (rim light) and a layer of diffusion. My strobes metered a blistering f/45.5 and the heat could be felt by the rider through his helmet face shield. A two stop neutral density filter was placed in front of the lens reducing the effective f/stop to f/22.5. Canon 5D mk II, 70-200 f/2.8L IS. 1/200 sec @ f/22, ISO 100. Triggered via Pocket Wizard.


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