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Personal project “Overheated” was created on location at the historical Duarte Garage & Lincoln Highway Museum in Livermore, CA, featuring model Angelina Marinchuk. The image was captured in the morning shade cast by the building. The main light illuminating Angelina was a Photogenic 2500DR fitted a 16 parabolic reflector, barn doors and a grid (camera left/high). An Alien Bee 1600 fitted barn doors, 40 degree grid and CTO gel provided the rim light (camera left) and a Quantaray QDC900 WA produced the rim/hair light (camera right). An additional Alien Bee 1600 with a purple gel lit the background. Canon 1Ds Mk III, 24-105 f/4L, triggered via Pocket Wizards. 1/160 sec @ f/10, ISO 100.


Randy Wong Photography  (925) 462-5919

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