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Photographing Lasers

Light Benders

PPGBA Competition Merit Award Print – “Light Benders” was created on a shoot at the National Lab in Livermore.  Photographing lasers can be very challenging and is dependent on whether the laser’s wave length is visible to the camera sensor. Some lasers are completely invisible,  some can burn skin or retinas and require eye protection. This image was lit with (2) Alien Bee 1600’s with grids and barn doors, one (main – camera right), one  behind subjects (rim – camera left). A Vivitar 283 with a purple gel (on the floor), another Vivtar 283 with a blue gel (just below and right of camera) and a Quantaray micro slave with a purple gel (far background). Canon 1Ds mk III, 16-35 f/2.8L, 1/200 sec @ f/13, ISO 320. Trigger via Pocket Wizards and open slaves. The laser beams were recorded on a separate time exposure and blended into the image in post production.

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