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Thinking Outside the Fish Tank

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PPGBA Merit Award Winning Image – “Pick Your Poison”.  The creation of this image took me back to my days of shooting with a view camera – where everything in the view finder is upside down and left is right. The product was suspended upside down and just under the surface of the water in a fish tank. The reflection actually appeared in the underside of the water’s surface. The splashes and drops were produced by pouring more water onto the bottom of product can as the exposures were taken. The image was then rotated 180 degrees in post production.


An Alien Bee 1600 with a grid and barn doors to the camera right (image left) opposite a mirror reflector. Another gridded Alien Bee 1600 aimed at the bottom of the product can. An additional Alien Bee 1600 with a grid and red gel directed toward the studio gray background to provide the red water surface reflection. Canon 1Ds mk III, 50mm macro f/2.8 controlled via CamRanger/iPad and strobes triggered by Radio Popper.

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