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When Your Photography Takes On A Life Of It’s Own


The award winning image “Arachnophoto” was created expressly for PPGBA print competition.  After finding the LifePhorm ™ legs on line, this image immediately popped into my mind.  Shooting black on black required lighting the subject with the specular highlights using relatively small hard light sources.

Two  Quantum x5dr heads powered by  Norman 400B power packs with 12″x12″ soft boxes – one on each side of the subject camera/legs.  A Sunpak 266 with a red gel and a very narrow grid spot below and behind the subject camera/legs.  A Quantaray MS-1 micro slave with a red gel was positioned behind the subject camera aimed back through the viewfinder to provide the lens glow.  By shooting on top of a mirror, the reflection of the under carriage completed the composition.

Canon 1Ds mkIII,  50mm f/2.8 macro, 1/160 sec @ f/32, ISO 200. Triggered via Pocket Wizard & optical slaves.

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