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Walnut Creek | Randy Wong Commercial Photography

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It is very rare to walk into aesthetically pleasing commercial spaces (see before shot below) and yet we are still required to deliver a captivating image.  My “go to ” technique for scenes like this one – lighting only what I want to see and letting go to dark what I don’t.  I took advantage […]

The objective of this shoot was to capture the muscle definition of competition body builder Reggie Williams.  Hard main lights with grid spots were employed to accent the contours of Reggie’s body with highlights and shadows.  A 22″ beauty dish/grid spot was positioned high overhead on a boom to illuminate his face.  Another 22″ beauty […]

Personal project “Overheated” was created on location at the historical Duarte Garage & Lincoln Highway Museum in Livermore, CA, featuring model Angelina Marinchuk. The image was captured in the morning shade cast by the building. The main light illuminating Angelina was a Photogenic 2500DR fitted a 16 parabolic reflector, barn doors and a grid (camera […]

PPGBA print competition winning image: “Heavy Metal” was created to depict a research scientist and the high pressure hydrogen vessels used in his experiments.  When I was initially presented with the elements to be included in the shot – a symmetrical composition that would draw the viewers’ attention to the center of the image immediately […]

PPGBA competition award winning print – “Circles of Confusion” was captured while on assignment at Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA.  The challenges of this project were shooting in a small space and confining the lights to their intended targets.  The cylinders were made of a shiny, brushed, silver metal alloy ready to display their specular […]

To create the visual interest  and the depth that I desire in an image, I often will light in layers – putting the light just where I want the viewers attention. In this particular image, I lit the technology (equipment in foreground) with a Quantum T5dr Qflash in a 12″x 12″ soft box (layer #1).  […]

The award winning image “Arachnophoto” was created expressly for PPGBA print competition.  After finding the LifePhorm ™ legs on line, this image immediately popped into my mind.  Shooting black on black required lighting the subject with the specular highlights using relatively small hard light sources. Two  Quantum x5dr heads powered by  Norman 400B power packs […]

In commercial photography –  it’s all about getting the shot regardless the circumstances.  There are more times than not that I will walk into a situation, have five minutes to conceptualize how to portray the subject interacting  with the equipment/environment and formulate my pose/angle/lighting for the optimum impact. The above pictured image was created at […]

PPGBA Merit Award Competition Image: “High Velocity” (20″ x 24″ high gloss).  Despite the apparent movement displayed in the image, the go-kart was actually sitting still on the pit lane grid and set in motion with post production.  To maintain the proper perspective, the foreground, mid-ground and background had to be blurred in sections – […]

In contrast to my last blog post, my customer wanted their product photographed on a high key background as well. The high key lighting set up was considerably easier than the low key version:  A Norman LH2000 head in a 12″ x 48″ strip box (vertical) directly behind the bottle, a Metz 60CT-4 in a […]

A clear glass bottle, a transparent amber liquid, an etched label on the front (brand name) and back (map) made for an interesting photographic challenge. Each feature had to be addressed and lit individually. Two 12″ x 48″ soft boxes (camera right) behind a diffusion panel provided the highlights on the right side of the […]

By employing a clam shell beauty lighting technique (main light over camera and another light or reflector from below), when executed properly produces a beautiful quality of light that is both flattering and minimizes retouching. The images from this session needed very little work in post production. This  image was created using a 22″ beauty […]

A majority of the commercial shooting I have encountered required the images feature the technology first and the human subject secondary. This “technology then human subject” concept was hard for me to grasp at first coming from a wedding/portrait background. The pictured project was commissioned as a human interest story instead  – featuring the researcher. […]

PPBGA Merit Award Competition Print  – “How I Roll” (middle 20″x24″ gloss) was shot in a very unlikely location. After passing under a freeway overpass on my way to service one of my regular clients and noticing the artwork displayed on the concrete – I knew that I had to shoot there. All the images […]

PPGBA Merit Award Competition Print – “Ready, Set, Gone” perhaps may not seem to be that difficult an image to create in my studio but I was curious whether I could do it in full sun. In order to create a black background outdoors, I employed a Photogenic 2500dr into a 60″ octobox (main light) […]

PPGBA Competition Merit Award Print – “Light Benders” was created on a shoot at the National Lab in Livermore.  Photographing lasers can be very challenging and is dependent on whether the laser’s wave length is visible to the camera sensor. Some lasers are completely invisible,  some can burn skin or retinas and require eye protection. […]

  PPGBA Merit Award Winning Image – “High Tech Medicine” (24″ x 20″ Gloss). This image was created as a test shoot for Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA. to illustrate their remote medical diagnosis systems. The main light was provided by a modified (bare bulb/round reflector) Sunpak 622 fitted with a 30 degree grid spot. […]

PPGBA Merit Award Winning Image – “Pick Your Poison”.  The creation of this image took me back to my days of shooting with a view camera – where everything in the view finder is upside down and left is right. The product was suspended upside down and just under the surface of the water in […]

Creating stunning images from mundane settings – One of the biggest challenges of commercial photography is creating images that will grab the attention of public regardless of the subject matter and/or surrounding background. As seen in the set up image below, the shot took place in a gray laboratory setting and a stainless steel fume […]

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